A surprising map of the best/worst countries to be born


這篇文章提供了一個地圖,用顏色說明哪個國家適合小孩子生長。一個經濟人雜誌的子公司 Economist Intellingency Unit 就做的這個研究,主要是以小孩的健康,安全,未來可能過好生活的可能性去探討。另外還有經濟,衛生健康,政治自由等,對2030年做預測,也就是評估現在生出來的小孩子未來的生長環境。


希望剛當媽的人可以安心。 33

”Here’s a surprise: the top-ranked countries also include Asia’s two super-rich city-states, Hong Kong and Singapore, as well as Taiwan. I’ll admit to being surprised by the data’s suggestion that a newborn today is better off being Taiwanese than American or German, particularly because Taiwan’s aging population and declining birthrate could lead the economy to decline. But Taiwan does enjoy good political freedoms and improving health and living standards.”

Via washingtonpost ” A surprising map of the best or worst countries to be born into today”

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